ChefVille "Tower of Powder" Quests: Everything you need to know


As players make progress in ChefVille, unlocking items like the Deep Fryer, Flour becomes a much more important ingredient than it already was before, and it can be hard to keep a constant supply on-hand. Thankfully, we can now upgrade the Flour Bin to produce more Flour, and this upgrade comes via a four-part quest series called Tower of Powder. We're here with a guide to help you get started on these Tower of Powder quests, so let's go!

Bin There, Done That

  • Upgrade Flour Bin

  • Tend your Upgraded Flour Bin 4 Times

  • Tend Neighbors' Bread Racks 6 Times

The Flour Bin can be upgraded by collecting four Flour Sifters and four Flour Tins. The Tins are earned by posting a general request to your news feed, while the Sifters come from individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. Meanwhile, remember that each of your neighbors tend to have three Bread Racks, so you can visit just two friends to complete this task in full. Once you've finished the upgrade on the Flour Bin, you can tend it once every two minutes, and you'll receive a different amount of Flour each time. For instance, one tend could give you two Flour, while another gives you Four. Finishing this overall quest gives you 15 coins, 10 XP and one Dough.

Swing Sift

  • Collect 8 Flour Power Pamphlets

  • Cook with Flour 5 times

  • Tend Neighbors' Milk Trucks 8 Times

The Flour Power Pamphlets are earned by posting a general request to your news feed for help. You can also earn them by tending your friends' news posts as they too work to complete these quests. As for cooking with Flour, you can find many short-cooking-time dishes inside appliances like the Dip Station. There, you can cook Chicken Tenders with Flour, Chicken and Ranch over five minutes a batch. You can also prepare Fried Chicken in the Deep Fryer. This dish takes just two minutes to prepare and only requires one Flour, so that's actually a great way to go. Whichever dishes you decide to cook, just make sure you cook eight dishes to complete this task, and don't just cook with eight units of Flour - those are two different things. When you finish this quest, you'll receive 10 coins, 10 XP and three Kidney Beans.

Calzoning Permit

  • Cook Calzone 3 Times

  • Craft Dough 9 Times on the Mixer

  • Give Chef's Services 15 Times

The Calzones can be cooked inside the Brick Oven using one Tomato Sauce, one Dough and one Mozzarella to prepare. Since you just have to "cook" this dish, rather than serving it, you can simply start the cooking process, cancel it, and then start it over again three times to finish this task. When you complete this quest, you'll receive two Long Grain Rice, 10 XP and one Unsalted Butter.

Flour Friends

  • Visit 6 Neighbors

  • Cook with Dough 4 Times

  • Serve 2 Grilled Steak Panini

If you're looking for some quick dishes that use Dough, you can cook something like the Pot Stickers inside the Wok, which take just two minutes to cook. Over on the Party Platter Station, you can cook Meat Lover's Pizzas in five minute batches, as another example. While the Grilled Steak Panini doesn't require Dough, it does require Bread, as you'll need four Sirloin Beef, two Bread and five Onions to cook a single one. Unfortunately, this dish takes six full hours to cook, and you'll need to "serve" both of them to count for this quest. With time constantly ticking down, make sure you're cooking both of these at the same time to make progress fast. Good luck!
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Have you already started working on your Flour Bin upgrade in ChefVille? Would you prefer the amount of Flour received on each tend of the Flour Bin to be the same, or do you like its random distribution? Let us know in the comments!