ChefVille Japanese Fish Market: Everything you need to know


In keeping with Zynga's current fascination with fish and sushi in ChefVille, players can now unlock a special expansion in their games called the Japanese Fish Market. This expansion comes with decorative items and even a Tuna Boat ingredient stall for your use, but you'll need to unlock it first. We're here with a guide to doing just that, but be warned: this requires a lot of rice and fish.

The Japanese Fish Market expansion requires 25,000 coins and 75 Recommendations to unlock. While you can freely click on the expansion to see its requirements, you won't actually be able to unlock this plot of land until you've earned a total of 45 Mastery Stars on the Sushi Master Station. This is obviously different from normal expansions that ask you to simply earn Mastery Stars on every appliance, and things become more complicated still when we actually look inside the Sushi Master Station.

Even if you've upgraded to the Intermediate Stage of the Sushi Master Station, you'll still only have 12 dishes to cook within the appliance. With three Mastery Stars available for each dish, even if you completely mastered all 12 dishes, you'd still only have 36 Mastery Stars. So where do the other nine come from? It's always possible that we'll need to unlock the Expert dishes for this event as well, but those are currently just "coming soon." If nothing else, I suppose this gives us a boost in incentive to actually cooking in the Sushi Master Station, as we'll likely need to master all of these dishes before unlocking a new expansion for our restaurants. Also, this lets us speculate a bit: could these mastery stars be earned through a Sushi themed quest series?

What's more, this expansion comes with more than just the items that you can see on display, like a few wall pieces and a table and chairs set. Only after you've unlocked this expansion will you be able to purchase the themed Japanese decorations in the store, like Bamboo Tile flooring, a Japanese Divider Wall, a White Rice Paper Lantern and much more. Obviously, this expansion holds a lot of significance in our restaurants, and we'll make sure to let you know the prices of these final items once they're revealed. In the meantime, cook as much sushi as you can in your own game, because you're going to need it.

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