SimCity Social: Claim your free Diamonds before it's too late


Over the past few days, Playfish has been giving away free Diamonds to SimCity Social players via the game's official Facebook fan page. Each of the six free Diamonds was only given away for 24 hours, and it was really hard to claim them all if you weren't extremely dedicated to checking the fan page. To make matters worse, some of the links to claim these Diamonds broke and that's obviously left players feeling pretty sour. We're all in luck though, as Playfish has created six brand new links for Diamonds that everyone can click on right now!

To be especially clear, it doesn't matter if you've previously claimed any of the Diamonds given away in the year-end promotion, as these new links will work for everyone. Just click on each one below to receive a single free Diamond, and then refresh your game to see them all pop into your total. It's likely that these Diamonds will only be around for a few days, so make sure to claim them as soon as you can! Happy New Year!

Diamond #1
Diamond #2
Diamond #3
Diamond #4
Diamond #5
Diamond #6

Were you able to claim all six free Diamonds in SimCity Social? Did you also claim any of the Diamonds when this promotion first started? How much free premium currency did you actually end up with? Let us know in the comments!