Legends: Rise of a Hero is the Facebook RPG we've been waiting for


We've seen point and click RPGs come and go on Facebook over the years, with this genre showing a lot of promise, but ultimately never catching on as much as, say, a bubble popping or "Ville" game. With the help of a partnership with Zynga, MobScience hopes that its Legends: Rise of a Hero can be the first must-play smash hit in the genre, and it packs plenty of punch to make sure that happens.

Legends: Rise of a Hero allows players to choose from three classes (Ranger, Wizard or Warrior), and then sets them loose in a sprawling world filled with spiders, goblins, rabid animals and other baddies as they try to rescue a lost Princess. Progress is quest based, as players are tasked with building items in their home Kingdom as well as venturing out into the world at large to collect items, battle enemies and more.

For a "Facebook game," Legends: Rise of a Hero is surprisingly in-depth, allowing players to manually assign skill points to various categories like Luck and Intelligence, and even craft weapons and armor to make their character stronger. Loot can be found in the wild world as well, as enemies will drop building materials and other collectibles, along with weapons that you might not have access to otherwise.


Many of the game's maps are covered in clouds, which cover enemy camps, semi-hidden treasure chests and more, but thankfully, the game's energy system is designed to allow for exploration without needlessly wasting any. That is, combat and exploration can be completed free of energy, but chopping down trees, opening chests or barrels, or completing any other like tasks does require energy to complete. Still, you'll find a lot of energy by simply battling, which is a lot of fun to do.

You can see an enemy's basic health stats by hovering over them, allowing for strategy especially when taking on a group of enemies at once. Luckily, a single click will start a battle, with your character continuing to attack until the battle is over. There are many other MMO elements here, including extra spells and powers (depending on your character type) that can be activated via the bar at the bottom of the screen. There's even a helpful fast travel ability that allows you instantly warp to any large area you've previously unlocked.

Unfortunately, Legends: Rise of a Hero isn't without the occasional requirement of begging your friends for items to continue, but you can earn a lot of bonus items by simply playing the game on Zynga.com that seem to even out this issue. Again though, even if you are stuck waiting for your friends to help you complete a particular quest, there are a ton of side quests to complete seemingly at all times, and if nothing else, you can go level up your character by battling the dozens of creatures both inside and right outside your home.

Overall, Legends: Rise of a Hero is an incredibly cute, incredibly fun point and click RPG that deserves a look. The game is easy to pick up for beginnings but also offers depth and strategy for those looking for it, and we really can't ask for any more than that.

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