FarmVille Balloons Items: Everything you need to know

Usually, the only place we can find balloons in FarmVille is on the dart board inside the weekly Mystery Game, but for the next few weeks, balloon-themed items have taken over the store in a theme with a simple (but appropriate) name: Balloons. There are new Balloon animals, trees, and more, and we're here with a complete guide to which ones cost Farm Cash and which ones you can pick up for free. Let's get started!


Mylar Coconut Balloon - 6 Farm Cash
Hot Air Balloon Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Mylar Unicorn Balloon - 12 Farm Cash
Balloon Animals Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Sparkling Balloon Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Star Balloon Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Water Balloon Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Popped Balloon Tree - 6 Farm Cash


Tied Up Cat - 12 Farm Cash
Balloon Pegacorn - 30 Farm Cash
Balloon Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Floating Chicken - 16 Farm Cash
Water Balloon Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Balloon Lion - 15 Farm Cash

Hot Air Balloon Pig - 16 Farm Cash
Pink Balloon Pony - 24 Farm Cash
Porcupop - 2 million coins or 10 Farm Cash
Blowing Up Ewe - 16 Farm Cash


Balloon Flowers - 50,000 coins
Balloon Gnome - 10 Farm Cash
Rainbow Balloon - 200,000 coins
Giant Gnome Balloon - 12 Farm Cash

Balloon Flower Vase - 10,000 coins
Turtle Balloon - 12 Farm Cash
Balloon Hamster - 15 Farm Cash
Balloon Arch - 100,000 coins
Balloon House - 15 Farm Cash
Lit Up Balloon - 10 Farm Cash

Balloon Maker Squirrel - 12 Farm Cash
Checked Hot Air Balloon - 5 Farm Cash
Wacky Balloon Man - 10 Farm Cash
Bouncing Castle - 15 Farm Cash
Balloon Fountain - 10 Farm Cash
What's Up Chicken - 12 Farm Cash

As you can see, there are just a ton of items available for purchase in this Balloon theme, and quite a few are actually available for coins, allowing you to add some helium-filled fun to your many farms while they are still available. Just remember: these items won't be around forever, so purchase the ones you're interested in now before they leave the store.

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Are you going to purchase any of these Balloon items for your many farms? Will you spend Farm Cash on any of them, or will you just purchase the ones that are available for coins? Sound off in the comments!