ChefVille Tis the Seasonings Dish 6: Corn Chowder


Over the past week, virtual chefs have been given the chance to unlock a series of five dishes in ChefVille's "Tis the Seasonings" countdown, and today, they can complete their collection of themed dishes by unlocking the final dish: Corn Chowder. This sixth dish (and all of the others) are only available to unlock within the Holiday Spice Oven for the next three days, so we're here with one final guide on how to make your way through this event.

To unlock the Corn Chowder, you'll need to ask your friends for eight Cumin and eight Turmeric. The Cumin is earned by posting a general request to your news feed, while the Turmeric is earned by sending out individual requests to friends. Once you unlock Corn Chowder, you'll be able to cook it within the Holiday Spice Oven using one Corn, four Cumin and four Turmeric. The dish takes six hours to cook, and you'll earn your first mastery star after cooking the dish just a single time. After that, you'll need to keep asking your friends for additional units of both spices whenever you run low.

In addition, if you manage to unlock all six dishes within this event before it expires, you'll receive the Spice Stand. While the Spice Stand obviously isn't available just yet, we can only speculate about its function, but if I had to take a guess, I'd say that it will likely serve as an ingredient stall that gives you a random spice for one of these Holiday Spice Oven dishes each time it's tended. Good luck unlocking both Corn Chowder and the Spice Stand in your own restaurant!

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Have you already unlocked all of the dishes in the Tis the Seasonings event? How many more do you still need to unlock before the event expires? Let us know in the comments!