The Sims Social 'Party in Da House' Quests: How to finish them fast


With the New Year holiday quickly approaching, there's no better way to celebrate in the Sims Social than with free SimCash, and all players are being given the opportunity to win 25 free SimCash via the "Party in Da House" quest chain. This quest series only has two quests to complete, and they're relatively easy, considering the final prize. We're here with a guide to finishing them off, so let's get started!

Party in Da House! Part 1

  • Send Party Invites

  • Invite Over 5 Sims

To send the Party Invites, you'll need to click on a computer and then choose "Send Party Invites." If your current home doesn't have a computer that you can use, you can travel to Bella's and use hers. As for the Sim invitations, we're told that we can simply click on friends in the Friends Bar and invite them over to our homes, but this doesn't seem to actually count for the quest. Instead, you'll need to visit five friends' homes and click on each Sim to "Invite Personally." Once you've done that with five, you'll complete this quest and will receive a Goodwill, 20 Simoleons, 10 XP and one energy.

Party in Da House! Part 2

  • Collect 5 Celebration

  • Spend 1,000 Simoleons on New Furniture

The Celebration items can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. As for the furniture task, there are dozens of items that you could potentially purchase, with some coming in the new Winter theme that would look lovely in your Winter Chalet. Basically, if you've been wanting something in the store but didn't want to spend the Simoleons without a good reason, this quest is your good reason. Spoil yourself!

Again, when you complete this quest chain, you'll receive 25 SimCash as Playfish's way of saying thanks. You can either spend them right away or save them for a rainy day, but you can't do anything if you don't earn them first! You've only got two more days to complete these quests before they expire, so good luck completing them in time!

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Have you completed these "Party in Da House" quests in the Sims Social? What will you spend your SimCash on? Sound off in the comments!