CoasterVille Cheats & Tips: Watch your road for free bonus trucks


While it's easy to login to CoasterVille, collect from all of your "ready" rides and shops and then leave the game again while your energy recharges, there's definitely a reason to stick around for a longer play session, as bonus trucks may appear on the road outside of your park.

These trucks seem to appear at random, and come in multiple forms. You may see a Goods truck that obviously delivers Goods, or you might see an Energy truck that delivers Batteries (as another example). These trucks will move automatically from one side of your screen to the other, and you only have that short amount of time to click on them before they disappear from the screen. If you can click on them before they leave the screen, you'll win a bonus prize, like free Goods or Energy.

Again, these trucks seem to appear at random when you're playing, but if we find out any formula or method for forcing them to appear, we'll make sure to let you know. In the meantime, make sure to click on these trucks as they pass by in your own game, as they're definitely not just for decoration. Good luck making tons of progress in your new theme park!

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Have you found any of these bonus trucks on the road outside of your park in CoasterVille? What sorts of prizes have you won from them? Let us know in the comments!