CityVille Building a New Year: Everything you need to know

If you're looking for a way to celebrate the New Year in CityVille, look no further than the "Building a New Year" feature that has just launched this week. Four new high-rises have been released, each modeled after a number in the year 2013, and you'll need to complete a series of goals to unlock all four. Players level 20 or above can now start this event by looking for the "2013" goal logo on the left side of the screen.

Building a New Year

  • Finish "Two Reasons to Party"

  • Finish "Zero Time to Waste"

  • Finish "One More Year"

Completing this overall goal will reward you with the "Three Landmark," a building that has a blue "3" on the roof. Each of the three goals within it will see you being rewarded the other three parts (0,1, and 2), so let's just into those now.

Two Reasons to Party

  • Ask friends for 30 "Sam Photos"

  • Expand to the Two Cafe Tower

  • Harvest 75 Crops

The Sam Photos can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed for help. As usual, it's best to ask for these news feed items when playing CityVille on, as you can earn help from both friends and strangers alike. Meanwhile, the Two Cafe Tower will be found one or two squares away from your town's current borders, depending on how far you've expanded previously. It's just a shell of a building at the beginning, so you'll need to first expand to it before you can finish it. If you've already expanded to the full game board, you'll find this building in your inventory. Completing this goal not only gives you the Two Cafe Tower (with a 2 on the roof), but it also gives you five energy and three Zoning Permits.

Zero Time to Waste

  • Finish Your Zero High Rise

  • Collect form the Two Cafe Tower 10 Times

  • Collect from 80 Residences

The Zero High Rise is also located outside of your current city limits, so you'll need to expand to it before you can actually build it. Depending on the location of your 2, and 1 buildings, this 0 building might be even farther away, requiring even more land expansions to reach (as many as four or more). By collecting from the Two Cafe Tower, you'll have a chance to receive "Andre Photos," which can then be used to help build the Zero High Rise when you reach it. In addition to those, you'll need Vance and Bella Photos, which can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. You'll receive the final Zero High Rise building, along with seven energy and 1,400 Goods for completing this goal.

One More Year

  • Finish the One Studio

  • Collect from the Zero High Rise 5 Times

  • Collect from 100 Businesses

As with the other buildings in this event, the One Studio can only be reached after you've expanded your city out to it. Again, if you've already expanded to the full game board, you'll find this item in your inventory, but everyone else will have to work for it. You'll need even more Vance, Bella and Andre photos to complete this building, so make sure to ask your friends for these photos every chance you get. When you finish this final goal, you'll receive five bonus crew members and 50,000 coins.

You can work on all three of these goals at the same time, but when you finally complete all three, you'll receive the "Three Landmark" to finish your year-in-buildings. Each one has a different final function in your town, so make sure to expand to them all to start your new year in CityVille off right. Good luck!

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