Worst Listing Photos 2012: The Best of the Bad This Year

One thing we learned in 2012? Some people have no idea how to create home listings properly.

We've seen some of the most disgusting listing photos this year, from bloody bathtubs to frying pans with rotting food still in them. And why would these photos be included in a home listing in the first place? Beats us. We're just the messengers.

We've also seen funny listing photos, scary ones and just plain bad ones. Click through the gallery below to see our best of the worst in real estate listing photos this year. (Hope you're not eating right now.)

Worst Listing Photos of 2012
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Worst Listing Photos 2012: The Best of the Bad This Year

We've written plenty about private islands for sale, so take our word for it when we say that this one does not classify. Though we love the idea of living on the water, this is definitely not what we had in mind. As cute as it is, what is the point of this listing?

We've always wanted to live on the water. However, in our heads, the idea wasn't so literal. We were thinking more along the lines of "a quick stroll to the ocean," rather than "jump out of your bedroom window into the ocean." Seriously, tell us this house isn't one strong gust of wind away from horrible real estate death.

...And the master bedroom has a lovely en suite bathroom with a bathtub where a murder recently occurred...

If you're trying to say that your home is pet-friendly, this isn't the best way to do it.

Uh, this is an incredibly awkward listing photo. We're seeing a lot more of the house than we bargained for.

We know you have a toilet in the bathroom, but we don't need to see that much of it. Can you flush?

Great pool! Does the "pool boy" come with it? No, that's OK, you can keep him...

You may have trouble sleeping in this house. In the corner is one of the most horrifying characters who all Americans universally fear. Can you tell who it is? Yeah, keep Freddy Krueger out of your listing photos -- even when it's Halloween. That's just scary.

We're all about fixer-uppers -- but this one just needs to be knocked down.

Usually, we love colorful homes. Colorful homes make us happy. But this house? Well, this house just makes us blue -- a very obnoxious, annoyingly bright shade of blue.

You can almost feel this homeowner silently begging: "I broke my leg, and I'm bedridden. Please buy my house!" Well, that's the only reason we could come up with as to why in the world this utterly useless photograph made the listing's extensive gallery. Crutches don't sell houses, people! Hot naked people do.

That dog's cute -- just not so large that it fills the entire frame of the door. Andy why is it looking at us like that?!

We're buying your house, not your dinner. Most definitely not your dinner.

OK, does this not look like a still shot from "Paranormal Activity"? Not everyone thinks a toddler standing transfixed in front of an eerie, darkened window is adorable. (Although the owners of this home apparently do. "He's such a curious boy!" they'll tell you.)

That's nice. But we think he sees dead people.

Talk about #houseporn! Homeowners: there are some things potential buyers shouldn't see -- and don't want to see. Take extra care when shooting in a room with mirrors!

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