SimCity Social 'In with the New Part 3' Quests: Everything you need to know


We've finally moved into the final portion of the "In with the New" event in SimCity Social, and we're ready to celebrate the New Year with the folks down at your city's virtual police station. There are three final quests to complete in Part 3 of the New Year's Eve event, and we're here with a guide to finishing them off, thanks to the game's official forums. Remember, these quests will only be available for a limited time, so let's get started!

The Right to Remain Funky!

  • Start 3 Attraction Jobs

  • Earn 1 Expression

  • Practice your Dance Moves

First things first, you can practice the "Dance Moves" inside a Boogie Plaza. This item is a decoration that's available to purchase once your town has at least 31,000 citizens (or you can purchase it early with Diamonds). As for the Attraction jobs, these are completed via the game's University feature. You can send your workers to items in the green attraction category (buildings like the Stadium, History Museum, etc) to complete both the Attraction job task as well as have a chance to earn Expression collectible items. If you're in a hurry, there are four-hour tasks available to complete within each building. You'll receive 7,500 Simoleons when you finish this quest.

Criminal Clean Up

  • Stop 5 Crimes

  • Have a 2-Star Fireworks Factory

  • Leave a Confetti Blimp Gift

To leave a Confetti Blimp Gift, you'll need to visit a friend's city that you have a positive relationship with, while also hoping that you have a gift "ready" to be given. That is, you'll need to have collected enough Gift Boxes to raise your friendship level to the point where a gift is ready to be given, and then also have the Blimp unlocked between your two towns. Unfortunately, this might be hard to do in the short time we have to complete these quests. If you can manage to complete this quest before they expire, you'll receive one Unity as a prize.

Like it's 1999!

  • Have a 3-Star Outdoor Dance Party

  • Generate 1999 Simoleons in the Outdoor Dance Party

  • Collect from Fireworks Park

The Outdoor Dance Party can be upgraded using six Police Badges, one Unity, two Wrath, three Creativity and five Dog Houses. You'll then need to spend 25 energy and 80,000 Materials to complete this final upgrade. As for the Fireworks Park, this building should already be in your city from the last quest in this series, and you'll be able to collect from it once every 10 hours. For completing this final quest in the "In with the New" event, you'll receive 2,013 Simoleons, along with the New Year's Eve Building, a skinny skyscraper that has a +42 population bonus. Good luck completing all of these quests in the six days you have!

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