SimCity Social 'In with the New Part 2' Quests: Everything you need to know


I hope you've already built your Outdoor Dance Party in SimCity Social, as you'll need it to continue on in the "In with the New" quest series that's only available to complete in your city for a limited time. We've already brought you a complete guide to the first portion of this three-part quest event, but we're ready to move onto Part 2, thanks to the game's official forums. Let's get started!

Big Bang Brad

  • Build the Fireworks Park

  • Collect from Department Stores 3 Times

  • Attend Brad's Ring Fitting

The Fireworks Park is a large and expensive Business available to purchase in the marketplace for 200,000 Simoleons. It pays out 1,500 Simoleons at its base level every 10 hours. As for the Department Store task, a single Department Store is available for collection once every three and a half hours. You'll receive 5,000 Simoleons for finishing this quest.

All Fired Up

  • Stop 3 Fires

  • Earn 1 Efficiency

  • Have 5 Medals of Bravery

Since this quest line has to do with Brad the Firefighter, you'll need to stop three fires to complete this quest. The fires will spawn randomly, so feel free to leave your game open in the background while you do other things and give those fires time to start. You'll earn 1,500 Materials when you finish this quest.

Bigger Bang Brad

  • Have a 2-Star Outdoor Dance Party

  • Collect from Fireworks Park

  • Have a 1-Star Fireworks Factory

The Outdoor Dance Party can be upgraded by using 12 Business Cards, one Safety Award, six Community, five Rage and six Ribbon Prizes. You'll also need to spend 20 energy and 32,000 Materials to finish it off, making it an incredibly "expensive" upgrade process, as has become the norm in the game over the past few weeks and months. You'll receive two Bliss when you complete this final quest in Part 2 of the In with the New event. Good luck!

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Are you excited to start these quests in SimCity Social? Have you already finished all of the quests in Part 1 of this New Year's Eve event, or are you stuck on something? Let us know in the comments!