Ned RocknRoll, Kate Winslet: Will Her New Husband Get Her to Sell the Penthouse She Had With Her Ex?


Kate Winslet has just married her third husband, Ned RocknRoll, but we wonder, does she still have that pesky penthouse she owned with ex Sam Mendes on her hands?

Last we heard in August, as soon as Mendes handed over the luxurious 3,300-square-foot NYC duplex apartment to Winslet, she immediately put it up for rent -- for $30,000 a month. She supposedly thought of the place as a "house of horrors" because of all the fights she and Mendes had there, the New York Post reported. But she wasn't so desperate to get out from under the pad of past memories as to put it up for sale.

So what now? The listing has since been taken down, which means either it's been rented or it's just off the market. Will Winslet finally sell the home (with a wood-burning fireplace, two showers and sinks, oak floors, a "double-corner living room" and a 1,700-square-foot roof terrace)? Or -- gasp! -- will she move her new beau into her old one's territory?

If we were Mr. RocknRoll, we'd suck it up, leave the past in the past and call this jaw-dropping place home. See how gorgeous it is below.