FarmVille 2 New Crafting Kitchen Recipes: Everything you need to know


While the new "random" item set in FarmVille 2 may not be overly impressive as it lacks an overall theme, those interested in collecting trees or crafting new recipes in the Crafting Kitchen now have three new matching recipes to choose from. These recipes will only be available for crafting for 23 days, and we're here with a guide to their requirements and stats. Let's get started!

The first recipe is Guacamole, and it can be crafted using one Tomato Paste and eight Avocados. The Tomato Paste is a crafting project in and of itself, as it requires eight Tomatoes to create. Meanwhile, the Avocados are earned from the Avocado Tree, which is available to purchase from the store for 12 Farm Bucks. This premium tree can be harvested every 12 hours, but you may need to harvest it more than once to earn the eight Avocados necessary for this recipe. A single batch of Guacamole can be sold for 1,560 coins, but we'll need to take into account the sale price of the Tomato Paste before going any further. The Tomato Paste is worth 120 coins, leaving the profits from the Guacamole to be 1,440 coins. That's fairly low, considering the fact that you'd have to pay so many Farm Bucks to purchase the tree in the first place, but I suppose if you're a tree collector anyway, it's worth making this Guacamole for the extra coins it does provide.

The second recipe is Pomegranate Punch, and it can be created using one Lemonade and eight Pomegranates. Lemonade itself requires Lemon Water and and Lemons to craft, while Lemon Water requires regular Water and Lemons. That makes a single Lemonade pretty valuable, as water itself is one of the most valuable commodities in the entire game. The Pomegranates, meanwhile, are earned by harvesting the new premium Pomegranate Tree. This tree costs 12 Farm Bucks in the store and can be harvested once every eight hours. As with the Avocados above, if you don't wish to spend Farm Bucks on these trees, you can tend your friends' trees (if you friends purchase them, that is) and hope to get lucky and receive some. However you come across the Pomegranates, you can sell a final Pomegranate Punch for 1,720 coins. Keep in mind that a single Lemonade sells for 350 coins. Again, you don't have to create these recipes if you'd rather save your ingredients (like your Water) for other things, but if you've already purchased the Pomegranate Tree for your collection anyway, it's worth looking into.

Finally, the third recipe in this trio is a batch of Spicy Black-eyed Peas. The Spicy Black-eyed Peas require three Black Pepper and 10 Black-eyed Peas to create. Black Pepper can be earned by sending out individual requests to your FarmVille 2 neighbors, while the Black-eyed Peas can be grown on your land using coins. To be specific, a single square of Black-eyed Peas costs 28 coins to plant and takes two hours to grow. You'll need to grow some of these Black-eyed Peas and even craft some Spicy Black-eyed Peas for the first quest in the FarmVille 2 New Year's Eve quest series, so make sure to keep planting Peas and asking friends for Pepper whenever you start to run low. If you ever decide to sell some Spicy Black-eyed Peas, you can do so for 1,300 coins a batch. We'd just suggest saving any that you craft until you're sure that the game's quests won't require them later. After all, there's no reason to waste resources and make more work for yourself if you don't have to.

Remember, these recipes will only be available for crafting for 23 days, so make the most of them while they're available!

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Are you already hard at work crafting these three recipes on your farm? Do you purchase all of the limited edition trees that are released, or do you save your Farm Bucks for other things? Let us know in the comments!