ChefVille 'Eggs and Crafts' Quests: Everything you need to know


With the release of the new Omelette Station in ChefVille, the game has gone into a full-blown egg-loving extravaganza! Adding to your work in this event is the Egg Crafting Station, an appliance that is now available to place in your restaurant. This Egg Crafting Station might be hidden at first, as its list of three "Eggs and Crafts" quests will simply appear in your quest list, sometimes without any notification that they're there. We're here with a look at how to complete these Eggs and Crafts quests, so let's get started!

Creative Eggspression

  • Place and Finish the Egg Crafting Station

  • Craft 4 Scrambled Eggs

  • Serve Cheesy Scramble 3 Times

The Egg Crafting Station can be placed for free via this quest window, and it must be unwrapped using three energy. From there, it requires four Egg Cookers, four Egg Crackers, five Egg Poachers and five Egg Slicers to finish. The Poachers and Slicers are earned via general news items posted to your wall, whileAf the Cookers and Crackers can be earned by sending individual requests to your ChefVille neighbors. After you finish building the Egg Crafting Station, you can use it to create Scrambled Eggs, Poached Eggs and Boiled Eggs, which can then be used in other recipes.

For this task, you'll need to craft four Scrambled Eggs. Scrambled Eggs require two Eggs, two Milk and one Salt to create, and they take one minute to prepare. You'll receive two Mozzarella, 40 coins and an Egg Crate for completing this quest.

They Yolk the Mold

  • Get 8 Egg Molds

  • Craft Poached Eggs 8 Times

  • Serve Brunch Omelette 3 Times

The Egg Molds can be earned via a general news post placed on your wall, while the Poached Eggs are created inside the Egg Crafting Station using two Eggs and two Salt each. As for the Brunch Omelette, this dish requires three regular eggs, two Mozzarella Cheese and two Onions to create. It takes six hours to cook, so keep that in mind before starting it, since you don't be able to cook anything else while it's being prepared. Completing this quest gives you two eggs, 30 XP and one Mayonnaise.

Bello's Cheat Day

  • Cook Roast Beef Sandwich 3 Times

  • Serve Poached Eggs Caprese 4 Times

  • Cook 3 Egg Croquettes

A single Roast Beef Sandwich can be cooked inside the Broiler using two Garlic Toast, four Salt and XXX Sirloin Beef. It takes 16 hours to cook, but remember, since this quest just says "Cook" rather than "Serve," you can just start the dish cooking and then cancel it immediately without waiting. Meanwhile, the Poached Eggs Caprese are cooked in the Omelette Station using two Poached Eggs, two Mozzarella and one Tomato each. That particular dish takes 10 hours to cook. Finally, the Egg Croquettes are also cooked inside the Omelette Station, but only after you upgrade it, which should be allowed soon. Play ChefVille on now >

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