Can New Leadership Turn RadioShack Around?


RadioShack (NYS: RSH) has certainly seen better days, first falling from relevancy as other big electronics retailers such as Best Buy (NYS: BBY) took the spotlight, then watching the overall consumer shift to online shopping eclipse them both. But there may be some hope for RadioShack as two new hires at the company are moving in with an eye toward playing a major role in its turnaround story. In this video, Motley Fool consumer goods analyst Blake Bos talks about what we can expect from Huey Long and Troy Risch and what sets apart an executive who is adept at a turnaround from one who isn't.

Many write off any chances for RadioShack's revival, but the brand has been around for more than 80 years and survived numerous technological disruptions during that time. The question is, can RadioShack survive in today's new retail environment? To help answer that question, we've compiled an in-depth premium report covering all the opportunities, risks, and specifics that every investor should be aware of before deciding whether RadioShack is a buy or a sell. Simply click here now to claim your copy and start reading today.

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