ChefVille LG Fridge: Everything you need to know


Earlier this month, Zynga partnered with LG to give away free spices to players in ChefVille, but now, the promotion between the two companies has expanded even more. For a limited time, ChefVille players are being given the opportunity to expand their Tomato storage via the new LG Fridge which can be earned in the same way those spices were before.

To be specific, you can claim your free LG Fridge by clicking on the LG icon in the top right corner of the gameplay screen. A promotional window will appear, and you'll get to play a short mini-game that asks you to fit food items into a refrigerator over a 30 second period. You don't have to "beat" the game by actually placing all of the food items, but you do need to let the 30 seconds expire before the promotion can be completed. From there, you'll simply earn the LG Fridge in your inventory and can go back to ChefVille proper.

If you have a ton of items in your ChefVille inventory, feel free to search for the LG Fridge in the menu. This item is wide but narrow, so you should be able to hide it behind a few wall pieces if you don't want it on display in your restaurant. Once placed, your tomato storage will increase to 20 individual tomatoes, and you should receive a full refill on tomatoes for free. Remember, it's likely that this LG Fridge will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to claim yours as fast as you can!

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Did you already claim your free LG Fridge? What other ingredients do you think need larger inventory caps in ChefVille? Sound off in the comments!