CastleVille New Year's Resolution Quests: Everything you need to know


With only a few days left in the year, CastleVille's Duke has realized that he hasn't accomplished any of his current "New Year's Resolutions," and he's desperate to finish them off with your help! This is accomplished via a set of seven new "Duke's New Year's Resolution" quests, and we're here with a complete guide to finishing them off, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Well Hello, Ladies!

  • Explore to Find Duke's Bachelor Pad

To expand, you'll need 200 Castle Level, 15,000 coins and 1 Exploration Permit. Since that's the only step in this first quest, you'll receive 2,000 coins and 40 XP immediately after you activate the expansion.

Rooting for the New Year!

  • Collect 3 Gold Toilets

  • Build the First Section of the Bachelor Pad

  • Craft 2 Purity Talismans

First things first, the Gold Toilets are earned by posting a general news item to your wall. Meanwhile, to build the first part of the Bachelor Pad, you'll need to collect five Stone Blocks, five Wood Planks, three Iron Bars and five Gold Toilets. Finally, the Purity Talismans can be crafted inside the Studio using three Aquamarine, one Charm Bracelet, one Silver Ore and five Ogre's Belches each. A single Talisman takes five seconds to craft, so you can complete this section of the quest rather easily if you already have the materials. You'll receive 3,250 coins, 65 XP and two Sparklers for completing this quest.

Round is a Shape

  • Craft 1 Skinny Mirror

  • Box a Practice Dummy 3 Times

  • Craft 1 Dumbbell

The Skinny Mirror can be crafted using three Wood Planks, one Glass, five Buckets of Water and four Silver Ores. It takes 30 minutes to craft. Meanwhile, the Dumbbell can be created using items like Milk Bottles and Wood (not Wood Planks). You'll receive 3,250 coins, 65 XP and three Banishus Maximus spells that can be cast instantly or saved until later.

A Balanced Diet is a Pie in Each Hand

  • Build the Second Section of the Bachelor Pad

  • Consume 2 Pecan Pies

  • Sell 2 Ice Cream

The second portion of the Bachelor Pad requires three Mortar, five Steel Bars, one Bedding and 10 Rainbow Feathers to complete. Meanwhile, if you don't have the Ice Cream already in your inventory to sell, you'll need to craft them inside the Kitchen using five Ice Chunks, five Milk Bottles and two Honey each. You'll receive 32,50 coins, 65 XP and a Party Horse Sculpture for finishing this quest.

Reeling in the New Year

  • Have 7 Fresh Grubs

  • Use 1 Fishing Bait

  • Craft 5 Purity Talismans

To use a Fishing Bait, simply find the item in your inventory (feel free to use the search bar to find it easily), use it in your inventory and then click on a body of water in your Kingdom. You'll receive 3,250 coins, 65 XP and a Green Mystery Box for completing this quest.

Family Man

  • Collect 7 Awkward Family Portraits

  • Build the Final Section of Duke's Bachelor Pad

  • Have a Party Going

The Awkward Family Portraits are earned by posting a general news item to your feed. Meanwhile, the Bachelor Pad can be finished by collecting two Steel Swords, nine Dirty Dishes, eight Bronze Bars, and six Iron Bars. As for the Party Task, you'll need to activate a Party within the Party Pavilion. The Yulefest Party Starter is the first one on the list, but the Giant Birthday Cake and other items are also still available to craft within the Pavilion. It doesn't matter which kind of Party you throw, so once you finish this quest, you'll receive 3,250 coins, 65 XP and three Zodiac Flash spells that will be stored in the Spellbook.

World Record for the Best Duke in the Kingdom!

  • Use 8 Purity Talismans

  • Craft 1 World's Largest Cake

  • Feed Cows 25 Times

The Purity Talismans can be used to clear the Swamp Roots covering items around Duke's Bachelor Pad. You'll find some "New Year's" prizes by doing so, and can use those 8 Purity Talismans on items like Roots, Trees and more. Each item requires a different number of Talismans to clear, so depending on your choices, you can clear a lot of items or just a few in using these eight Talismans in total. After you've completed this final quest, you'll receive 4,250 coins, Canoli the Horse, 85 XP and a Unicorn's Gift spell. Good luck!

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