Ludia lets you pull the lever and eat some spinach in Popeye Slots on iOS


While Popeye the Sailor Man may not be the first person you think of when talking about slot machines, Ludia has combined the cartoon icon with his own slot machine game, Popeye Slots, which is now available to download for free on iPhone and iPad.

Popeye Slots is as its named suggests: a slot machine game with Popeye themed reels and mini-games. As with most modern slot machine titles, Popeye Slots will let you choose how many lines to gamble across, and will let you customize your bet amount accordingly. As a free-to-play game, players can purchase additional coins with real money and become a high roller, or let their winnings (hopefully) accumulate over time.

Each time you spin the wheels, you'll earn experience points which will eventually allow you to level up and unlock new boards, as well as new amounts for your maximum bet on each line. There's even a handy auto-spin feature that will allow you to boost your way to the next level or simply earn money without the effort of pressing "spin" every few seconds (although, at that point, could this really be considered a game?). Either way, Popeye Slots is a fairly standard take on the virtual slot machine genre, and you can now try the game out for yourself by downloading it on iTunes.

Click here to download Popeye Slots on iTunes >

Have you tried Popeye Slots, or any other similar slot machine games? Do you enjoy games in this genre, or do you find them to be boring? Sound off in the comments!