Go Slots: Slot machines meet home design on Facebook and Zynga.com


Let's face it: slot machine games, at their core, aren't very exciting. Regardless of how many different themes developers place on the spinning wheels, there's nothing changing the fact that the coin prizes aren't real, and these virtual versions can become pretty boring pretty quickly. However, Go Slots on Zynga.com looks to change that by combining the slot machine gameplay that we've come to expect from these sorts of Facebook games with home design, giving your virtual riches a real purpose.

When you first join Go Slots, you'll have just one slot machine available to you, unless you happen to play during the Christmas holiday season, when you'll have two. The Jungle Explorer and North Pole machines are alike in function, but differ in their wheel markers, backgrounds, and so on. Each wheel has 21 lines, and you can choose to bet on 1-21 of those lines, depending on how many of your virtual coins you'd like to wager on each spin. Additionally, you can change the bet amount per line, with higher amounts unlocking as you continue to play the game. That is, you may start by only being allowed to bet 1-3 coins per line, but that quickly jumps to 20 or more.

Your "total bet" for each spin relates to the amount of XP you'll earn, so obviously, the more coins you're gambling with on each turn, the faster you'll level up. The faster you level up, the faster you'll unlock new slot machines, new bet amounts, and so on. As you earn (or lose) riches, you'll randomly come across bonus tiles that will give you free spins, or the chance to play luck based mini-games like Blackjack. All of this is fairly standard, and the game would be pretty forgettable if it all stopped there.


Where Go Slots becomes more entertaining is the inclusion of a Hotel Suite outside of the Casino floor where you can spend your winnings. You'll start with just a bedroom, but can unlock kitchens, patios and many other rooms as you go along, and can furnish those rooms with all sorts of furniture and decor items. Some of these are purely decorative, while others will actually produce coins over time so that you constantly have a supply waiting for you.

As the game is available on Zynga.com as well as Facebook, players also have access to an added bonus: the Zynga.com activity ticker that allows you to claim free coins as other players make progress in their own games. This, combined with the home design feature, gives the game a much needed additional draw outside of just watching the wheels forever spin (especially since there's no auto-play button). What's more, you can also visit your friends' hotel rooms and see the way that they've designed their space, while earning free coins once per day for doing so.

Go Slots does the best it can within its genre's established limitations. The game has plenty of slot machines to unlock, but none of these are overly different or game-changing, and those looking for just slot machine play can spend hours upon hours spinning the virtual wheels here. On the other hand, if you're the kind that gets bored, or just wants an extra goal when they play, you can use the Hotel design feature as your incentive to keep going, in order to buy the next great thing in the store. It's this ability to cater to two different types of players that makes Go Slots something to take note of, and you can try the game for yourself now on Zynga.com.

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