's Best Social Games of 2012: Readers' Choice (Round 2)

Best Social Games 2012
Round 2 is officially over. Join us here to vote in Round 2 of the Best Social Games of 2012 Readers' Choice!

On this glorious, present-filled Christmas Day, offers the best gift it can: another round of intense voting and infighting in the comments. This is Round 2 of our 2012 Best Social Games: Readers' Choice competition. The results are most definitely surprising. Most of these bouts were incredibly close, which just goes to show how fantastic all of these Facebook games truly are.

First, FarmVille 2 lost out to Solitaire Blitz by a mere 448 votes, while CityVille 2 moves on to Round 2 after besting Angry Birds Friends by an incredibly close 346 votes. Marvel: Avengers Alliance advances after showing SimCity Social which is best with 343 more votes, but Dungeon Rampage's face-off with The Grinns Tale wasn't very close: the former beat the latter by over 3,000 votes. After taking a moment to remember these wonderful games ... on to Round 2!
CityVille 2 Solitaire Blitz

Solitaire Blitz vs. CityVille 2

PopCap's take on the classic card game goes up against Zynga's sequel to the most popular city-builder on Facebook. Two very different games are head-to-head in this match-up, which makes this all the more interesting. Will Solitaire Blitz show the best hand, or will CityVille 2 build an insurmountable lead? You decide:

Marvel Avengers Alliance Dungeon Rampage

Marvel: Avengers Alliance vs. Dungeon Rampage

In this face-off, Playdom's prodigy of the nascent mid-core scene on Facebook goes to blows with Rebel Entertainment's answer to Diablo and its ilk on the social network. Both contenders are brilliant RPGs, but will the cerebral Avengers Alliance outsmart the competition, or will the action-packed Dungeon Rampage smash the opposition to win? That's up to you:

NOTE: Voting for Round 2 ends on Jan. 1 (2013!) at 12 p.m. EST sharp, so vote now!

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