This Christmas, Americans Prefer Microsoft Surface to Peace, Happiness

This Christmas, Americans Prefer Microsoft Surface to Peace, Happiness
This Christmas, Americans Prefer Microsoft Surface to Peace, Happiness

'Tis the night before Christmas, and all through the house, last minute shoppers are ... as panicked as a mouse in a room full of cats.

With just hours to go before your wee ones expect to find a trove of treasures hid under the tree, what on earth do you still have time to get them that they'll actually want?

Cash is always an option, or its 21st century equivalent, the store-brand gift card. Or perhaps you can give a more traditional card from Hallmark wishing your loved one "Peace and Happiness" in this joyous season.

Humbug to all that, says Best Buy (BBY). Get them what they really want: Pry open your wallet a bit wider, and buy 'em a computer.

Feh with the Sappy Stuff -- I Want a Tablet!

Turns out, a tablet will go over better with your gift recipients than less technologically-advanced gifts such as money, or even peace and happiness.

In a recent press release, the world's biggest bricks-and-mortar electronic goods purveyor announced it's been chosen by Microsoft (MSFT) as one of the lucky retailers to be supplied with Microsoft Surface tablets to sell this Christmas season. It's not exactly an exclusive club, of course: Microsoft stores also have the device, and Staples (SPLS) confirms it's got the Surface in stock as well.

Hyping the Surface in particular, but in a manner that applies equally well to other tablets -- Amazon's (AMZN) Kindle Fire, and of course Apple's (AAPL) iPads -- Best Buy points out that a recent poll conducted by the Consumers Electronics Association shows more people (8 percent) would prefer to receive a tablet PC for Christmas than either money (5 percent) or peace and happiness (5 percent).

And the best news of all? According to the CEA survey, 79 percent of consumers say prices on tablet PCs look better this year than last year.

Meanwhile, peace and happiness appear to still be selling at a premium.

Motley Fool contributor Rich Smith has his Christmas shopping done, but is woefully behind on his wrapping. He owns shares of Apple. The Motley Fool owns shares of Apple,, Microsoft, and Staples. Motley Fool newsletter services recommend Apple,, and Microsoft.

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