SimCity Social 'Cool Yule Part 2' Quests: Everything you need to know

We've already looked into the first of three parts in the Cool Yule quest series in SimCity Social, which focused on building and using Santa's Workshop and the Holiday Decorations factory. Now, we're ready to move into Part 2 and its three goals. We're here with a complete guide to finishing Cool Yule Part 2, thanks to the game's official forums. Let's get started!

Tree to Get Ready...

  • Collect 1,000 Materials for Santa's Workshop

  • Deck Out a Giant Holiday Tree

  • Clean Abe's Costume

If you've reached this quest, then you already have the Santa's Workshop in your town, but if you're looking ahead at things to come, this building will set you back 220,000 Simoleons in the store. It produces 550 Materials every day, but that can be upgraded to 825 Materials per day over time. As for the Holiday Tree task, you can find this by "using" a Holiday Tree. The same can be said for Abe's Costume, as it can be "cleaned" at a Textile Mill. If you don't have these items in your town, you might be able to use the same items in your friends' towns, so make sure to check for that possibility before building things yourself. When you complete this quest, you'll receive 2,500 Simoleons.

Sound Mind, Elfy Body

  • Have a 3-Star Elf Academy

  • Collect from the 3-Star Elf Academy

  • Have Consultants

If you stopped working on the Elf Factory after you completed the Snow Quests, then your Elf Academy likely sits at just the 1-Star Upgrade levels, and you'll need to collect building materials, Materials, and Simoleons to actually upgrade it two more times. After that's done, you can collect from it once every 19 hour period to finish the second task. For the record, a 3-Star Elf Academy pays out 3,030 Simoleons on each collection. After you've completed this quest, you'll receive three Stockings.

Santa's Grotto

  • Have a 1-Star Santa's Workshop

  • Produce 2,500 Materials in Santa's Workshop

  • Build the "Meet Santa" Decoration

To upgrade Santa's Workshop to 1-Star, you'll need to collect five Elbow Grease, seven Teamwork, four Groundskeepers and six Cowbells. You'll also need to spend 9,420 Materials and six energy to finish the upgrade. Meanwhile, the Meet Santa decoration costs 18,000 Simoleons in the store, and it's worth a +26 population boost to surrounding homes. After you've finished this quest, you'll receive an Expression collectible item.

Stand-In Santa

  • Have Nice Collectibles

  • Have a Stamp

  • Work 10 Shifts as Santa

You can earn the Stamps from friends in the "Send Santa A Letter" feature on the right side of the gameplay menu. Meanwhile, Abe is ready to stand in as Santa at the "Meet Santa" decoration, so you'll need to click on it, and then its appropriate task, until Abe performs 10 shifts. For completing this final quest in Part 2 of the Cool Yule series, you'll receive 10,000 Simoleons.

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What do you think of the second set of quests in the Cool Yule event? Have you already completed all of them, or are you stuck somewhere in Part 1? Let us know in the comments!

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