Win free iOS games this Christmas from EA Mobile's Daily Spin


As a way of both celebrating the Christmas season and saying thanks to its many players, EA Mobile has launched a Daily Spin event via the company's Facebook fan page, allowing players to win one of seven EA games on iPhone or iPad each day. That's right, you can now win some of EA Mobile's most popular offerings for free by simply activating a virtual slot machine on Facebook.

This event is only accessible via your favorite iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch), and won't work if you're trying to access it from a computer or Android device. Once you head to the Daily Deals website, you can spin a virtual slot machine for a guaranteed free game. Here's the list of possibilities:

Mirror's Edge
Skate It!
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Mass Effect Infiltrator
Lemonade Tycoon
Sims 3

While you can win a free game each day for a limited time, there's no guarantee that you won't receive duplicates of games you either already own or have already won through this event. Still, we can't complain about potentially being given so many games for free, so make sure you take your free spin(s) while you still can!

Note: here's the direct link to the promotion, but you must access it via iOS.

Have you tried out EA Mobile's Daily Spin event? Which of the seven games did you win? Let us know in the comments!