ChefVille Tis the Seasonings Dish 3: Blackened Crispy Chicken


As part of the ongoing Tis the Seasonings event in ChefVille, players can now unlock the third dish in the series of six: Blackened Crispy Chicken. To be clear, this dish will unlock to everyone on Christmas Day, December 25, but if you've already unlocked the two dishes that came before, you can start working on it now.

To unlock Blackened Crispy Chicken, you'll first need to click on the Holiday Clock in the top left corner to access its quest. From there, you'll need to collect six Cayenne Pepper by posting a general news item to your wall, and will also need to collect six Cardamom, which is earned through individual requests sent directly to your neighbors.

Once you collect these items, the dish will be available for cooking inside the Holiday Spice Oven using two Chicken, two Cayenne, and two Cardamom per serving. The dish takes one hour to cook, and you'll earn its first Mastery Star after cooking it two times.

The sooner you unlock this dish, the sooner you can start working on the remaining three dishes in this event, so good luck completing this quest fast!

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Have you already unlocked Dishes 1-3 in the Tis the Seasonings event in ChefVille? Do you think you'll be able to unlock all six in the nine days we have remaining? Sound off in the comments!