SimCity Social 'Cool Yule Part 1' Quests: Everything you need to know

While the "Snow Time" quests already gave players plenty to do to celebrate Christmas in SimCity Social a few weeks ago, a brand new three-part event has given us even more. It's time for the grand Winter Ball in your city, and Felicity is here to help you arrange it. We're here with a complete guide to finishing all of the quests in Part 1 of this event, thanks to the game's official forums. Let's get started!

Felicity Navidad

  • Visit a Neighbor

  • Have a Goodwill

  • Swipe 1 Baubles

You can "Swipe Baubles" by visiting a friends' town and clicking on their Mayor's House. Of course, by simply visiting the friend, you'll finish the first task in this quest as well, and so long as you have a Goodwill, you'll be instantly given 1,000 Simoleons and three XP for completing this first quest.

Chilly Billy

  • Visit Santa

  • Collect from the Ski Rental

  • Take Billy to the Baby Slopes

While Felicity is planning for the Winter Ball, she asks you to babysit Billy, so you'll need to take him to the Ski Slope item in your town to complete the "Baby Slopes" task. As for the Ski Rental shop, you should already have one of these in your city, but if not, you can purchase the "Ski Rental Business" from the store for 23,000 Simoleons. It's available for collection every seven hours. Finally, you can Visit Santa by clicking on a Department Store and choosing the "Visit Santa" option. Completing this quest gives you a Rage collectible that you can use elsewhere in your city.

Stocking Up

  • Build Santa's Workshop

  • Collect Stockings

  • Collect from the Holiday Decoration Factory 2 Times

Santa's Workshop is a large factory that costs 220,000 Simoleons in the store. It pays out 550 Materials by default once every 24 hours. Santa's Workshop requires items to build, as you'll need to gather 10 Hard Hats, four Holiday Snapshots and three BBQs to finish it off.

As for the Holiday Decoration Factory, this is another item that can be purchased in the store, but it costs less at 90,000 Simoleons. You probably already have one of these in your town, and if so, you'll simply need to collect from it twice (once every 12 hours) to complete that particular task. If you can finish this final quest in Part 1 of this event, you'll receive 1,000 Materials.

These quests may not be very glamorous so far, but we'll make sure to bring you guides to completing both Part 2 and Part 3 of the Winter Ball extravaganza as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

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Have you already made progress on this first part of the Winter Ball event in SimCity Social? Do you have the 220,000 Simoleons required to purchase Santa's Workshop? What do you think about the high price of many of these quest-based items? Let us know in the comments!

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