ChefVille Tis the Seasonings Dish 2: Unlock Beef Stew with Star Anise now


As part of ChefVille's true countdown to Christmas, a new recipe has unlocked within the "Tis the Seasonings" event, which you can find via the clock that has appeared in the top left corner of the gameplay screen. This clock shows you the breakdown for when new dishes will be released, and while we've already brought you a guide to unlocking Holiday Spiced Chicken, we're now here with a look at the second dish that has become available.

This second recipe is called Beef Stew with Star Anise, and it requires 12 ingredients to actually unlock. You'll need to collect six Cinnamon and six Anise, with the Cinnamon coming from a general news item posted on your wall. Obviously then, the Anise comes from individual requests sent directly to your neighbors, so remember to send out both of these requests while playing on That way, you'll earn help from strangers as well as friends and will, in theory, be able to unlock this dish faster.

Once you fully unlock this dish, it will be available for cooking within the Holiday Spice Oven using two Sirloin Beef, three Cinnamon and two Star Anise. The dish takes six hours to cook, and you'll earn your first Mastery Star after just two servings. Good luck unlocking this dish and the four others that have yet to be released in this event!

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