FarmVille Pizza Shop: Everything you need to know


While crafting was already a huge part of our lives in FarmVille, that particular part of "farming" is set to become even more important as the new Pizza Shop starts its rollout to players across the entire game. The Pizza Shop can be found in the game's store, under "Buildings" and then "Crafting." It's free to place, and it's very similar to the Craftshop in both menu design and function.

You'll start with a single Crafting Station inside the Pizza Shop, and can expand that to six full counters by paying Farm Cash for each additional Station. A free method may roll out for expanding in the future, but for right now, it's best to just stick with your one free Station.

The Pizza Shop currently has four pages of items that you can create using Bushels, with many being ingredients that you must craft first before using them in a final dish. For instance, you'd need to craft five Flat Crusts before making a Mushroom Pizza, as seen below.

The requirements for most of these dishes are simply huge, with 30 and 40 of a single Bushel type being required before you can make a single Pizza or Pasta dish. You can either collect / craft these ingredients on your own, or you can purchase them with Farm Cash. Once you've finally been able to create a recipe, you'll need to wait varying amounts of time for them to complete. In our Mushroom Pizza example above, that particular dish takes 72 hours to craft. Once a dish is done, it can be sold for coins, XP and Mastery Points. In some cases, you can earn thousands of experience points with a single dish, so it might be worth creating these pizzas in the long run, if you have a ton of extra Bushel storage available to store these ingredients.

As a final note, many of these recipes require Bushels from the new "Minute" crops that have been released in the store. These crops, as the name suggests, take just a matter of minutes, rather than hours to grow. This gives you a chance to store Bushels faster, but it also requires a lot more time dedication to the game than some players might be prepared for. Whatever the case, make sure to check your store for the Pizza Shop, as you may have received it without even knowing it!

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Have you already received the Pizza Shop in your game? Will you focus heavily on crafting items within it, or will you skip building it altogether? Let us know in the comments!