FarmVille 'Anyone Seen Zing?' Goals: Everything you need to know


While we were all focused on the hustle and bustle of planning for Christmas in FarmVille, the happy elf Zing apparently went missing! In FarmVille's newest goal series, it's up to us to figure out what happened to Zing, before he misses out on the Christmas celebration entirely! We're here with a complete guide to finishing these nine new "Anyone Seen Zing?" goals, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Squatch Bait

  • Get 6 Sasquatch Bait

  • Harvest 50 Blueberry

  • Craft a Farmhand

First things first, for this Sasquatch Bait task, and all others in this goal series that ask you to collect a specific item, you'll be able to earn them by posting general requests on your news feed that all FarmVille neighbors can see at once. As for the Blueberries in this goal, they take just four hours to grow, so you'll need to make sure and come back for them before they wither. Finally, the Farmhand can be crafted in the Craftshop using four Cotton and three Soybean Bushels, along with one Cherry Basket. The recipe takes six hours to create. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive 125 XP, a Detective Duck and 2,500 coins.

The Plot

  • Get 7 Clues

  • Harvest 75 Aloe Vera

  • Harvest Detective Duck 2 Times

As soon as you receive the Detective Duck in the first goal, you should place him inside some sort of animal storage building like an Aviary (preferably, one that's at 100% readiness when you place him). This will allow you to harvest the Duck so much faster than waiting for it to become ready on its own, and what's more, once you harvest one Pen, you can move the Duck to another and harvest him twice in the same day! If you don't have more than one storage building on a single farm, but your farms are connected by storage transfer licenses, you can even move the Duck around to complete this task as well. Meanwhile, the Aloe Vera can be harvested after growing for just six hours. You'll receive 150 XP, a Sleuth Sloth and 3,000 coins for finishing this goal.

Food for Thought

  • Get 8 Sardines

  • Harvest 100 Bell Pepper

  • Master Detective Duck to 1-Star

Again, the more times you move the Detective Duck around, the faster you'll be able to earn mastery points and reach one star. While under other circumstances, it wouldn't be so necessary to rush, these goals are timed, so you really do need to save time where you can. Speaking of which, the Bell Pepper take two full days to grow, so feel free to plant them long before you ever reach this third goal so that they might be closer to being ready when you finally need them. After you complete this goal, you'll receive 175 XP, a Mystery Game Dart and 3,500 coins.

Deep Undercover

  • Get 9 Penguin Elf Costumes

  • Harvest 125 Grapes

  • Harvest Sleuth Sloth 2 Times

This Sleuth Sloth setup is the same as that for the Detective Duck above, as you'll want to utilize all of your animal storage pens to harvest it as quickly as possible. If you do end up waiting for anything, it will likely be the Grapes, which take a full day to grow. You'll receive 200 XP, an Undercover Penguin (a penguin dresses as a reindeer / elf), and 4,000 coins for completing this goal. You'll want to place this Penguin inside an animal storage building fast, as you'll need it to be "ready" later on.

Toy Tech

  • Get 9 Popular Toy Mechanics Magazines

  • Harvest 150 Pepper

  • Craft a Fertilize All

The Pepper can be harvested after growing for a full day, so it might be worthwhile to plant both the Grapes and the Peppers at the same time, since they take the same amount of time to grow. As for the Fertilize All, this is prepared inside the Craftshop using two Manure Bags, four Carrot and three Chickpea Bushels. This recipe takes six hours, so start it as soon as you can to save time. Completing this goal gives you 225 XP, a High Tech Nutcracker and 4,500 coins.

Driven to Distraction

  • Get 9 High Tech Toys

  • Harvest 150 Soybeans

  • Master Sleuth Sloth to 1-Star

Again, you'll want to transfer this Sloth between animal storage buildings as fast as the game will let you, even moving it across farms if you can, in order to earn the first star of mastery within this goal series' time limit. While you're messing with this particular task, make sure to have the Soybeans growing in the background, as they take a full day to grow. For completing this goal, you'll receive 250 XP, a Book of XP, and 5,000 coins.

The Big Guy

  • Get 10 Milk and Cookies

  • Harvest 150 Red Tulips

  • Harvest Undercover Penguin Twice

As we said before, your best bet is to place the Undercover Penguin in an animal storage building if you haven't already. This will allow you to harvest the Penguin more often than you would be able to otherwise, as is the case with the other animal tasks above. For the Red Tulips task, this is yet another crop that takes a full day to grow, so feel free to plant more than one of these required crops at once to save time in the long run. After you finish this goal, you'll receive 275 XP, a Reindeer Launch Pad decoration and 5,500 coins.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Who Wouldn't Go?

  • Get 11 Flying Reindeer Treats

  • Harvest 150 Peas

  • Master Undercover Penguin to 1-Star

Since you received this Penguin a few goals back, if you followed our tips from above, you very well may have already mastered this particular animal to one-star before ever reaching this goal. If not, just keep transferring it between storage buildings and farms until you earn the required number of mastery points. Make sure you don't get so distracted that you forget to plant these Peas though, as they take a full day to grow. For completing this goal, you'll receive 300 XP, three Unwither Boosts and 6,000 coins.

Put Your Party Hat On!

  • Get 12 Party Hats

  • Harvest 200 Cabbage

  • Craft an Arborist

For this final goal, you'll need to plant Cabbage, which takes a full two days to grow, and go back to the Craftshop for the Arborist. A single Arborist requires three Peanut and four Morning Glory Bushels, along with two Orange Baskets to craft. For completing this last goal, you'll receive 325 XP, a Party Pegacorn and 6,500 coins. Remember, these goals will only be available for 12 more days, as of this writing, so you'll need to use a bit of strategy to finish them all off in time. Good luck!

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