CityVille New Year's Eve Countdown: Everything you need to know


While CityVille may currently be in the middle of a massive Christmas / Winter Holiday event, the game has also already starting looking forward to New Year's Eve via the release of the "New Year's Eve Countdown" in our cities. This countdown takes a page straight from FarmVille's many countdowns, as it sees one exclusive item being available each day for 12 days, with a grand prize being available at the end.

If you're interested in completing this countdown, you can activate it by clicking on the Mirror Ball in the top right corner of the gameplay area. There, you can see the prizes for each day of the countdown, again, with one unlocking each day. We're already on Day 2, so if you didn't play yesterday to receive the free Happy New Year's Sign decoration, your only option will be to purchase it with five City Cash.

Today's prize is the New Year's Party decoration, and it can be earned by posting a request for five items to your News Feed. It's best to play the game on before posting these sorts of requests, as you'll earn help from strangers as well as friends. Each day, a new prize will become available, and new items will need to be collected via friends (or strangers). If you can complete the entire countdown, you'll receive a special prize at the very end: the New Year's Party House, which offers 2,500 citizens to your town.

Here's a full breakdown of the 12 Daily Prizes in this event, for your reference. Good luck earning them all!

Day 1: New Year's Even Sign (decoration)
Day 2: New Year's Party (decoration)
Day 3: 4 Zoning Permits
Day 4: 2,500 Goods
Day 5: Count-Down Domicile (1,000 citizen home)
Day 6: 100,000 coins
Day 7: 12 Energy Battery
Day 8: Party Poppers (business)
Day 9: 12 Zoning Permits
Day 10: 5 Bonus Crew Members
Day 11: New Year's Ball Drop Tower (decoration)
Day 12: New Year's Mansion (800 citizen home)

Grand Prize: New Year's Party House (2,500 citizen home)

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What do you think of the prizes in this CityVille Countdown? Do you think you'll be able to collect all of the prizes in this extremely limited event? Let us know in the comments!