Last Minute FarmVille Holiday Surprises


Sometimes I feel like Zynga is beginning to listen to us farmers or at the least reading these articles and that makes me happy. A few weeks ago I mentioned how FarmVille tends to be politically correct during the holidays, being careful with the naming conventions- Christmas Trees are always referred to as "Holiday Trees" and so on. Until recently, we've seen a resurgence of aptly named "Christmas" items and "Hanukkah" items too! Then, something even more surprising happened- Zynga released a set of adorable Nativity inspired animals! Each Holiday season in FarmVille, a large group of players always ask Santa for a FarmVille Nativity scene and Zynga has responded with a cast of familiar FarmVille faces playing the traditional nativity roles- complete with the three Kings, the North Star, and a perfect Baby Lamb. Each of the Limited Edition manger animals and decorations cost Farm Cash. You can check out a sneak peek of the FarmVille Nativity in the image above.

Minute Crops & More

FarmVille treated its farmers to another Triple Mastery event this weekend where you can earn triple mastery points on your FarmVille crops. That's a good thing, because if you are a regular FarmVille mastery hound, you'll want to clock in overtime this weekend on mastering the newly released FarmVille "Minute Crops".

A slew of new permanent crops dubbed the "Minute Crops" by farmers due to their short harvest times of varying minutes sneaked into the FarmVille Market a couple of days ago without much mention by FarmVille. There were no in-game pop-ups announcing the new crops and many farmers stumbled upon the new crops while searching for other seeds.

Although the new Minute Crops are ready to harvest in just a few minutes, mastering them will require quite the time and effort as they have extremely high Mastery numbers. Exactly how high are the numbers? Roma Tomato, requires 19,000+ mastery points for Level 1 mastery. Ouch.

FarmVille Minute Crops

  • FarmVille White Wheat – 8 minutes

  • FarmVille Durum Wheat – 10 minutes

  • FarmVille Crimini Mushroom -12 minutes

  • FarmVille Genovese Basil – 18 minutes

  • FarmVille Green Pepper – 19 minutes

  • FarmVille Roma Tomato – 22 minutes

  • FarmVille Red Pepper – 25 minutes

  • FarmVille Shallot – 28 minutes

  • FarmVille Yellow Onion – 30 minutes

  • FarmVille Sundried Tomato – 35 minutes

More Limited Edition Crops

There are several new Limited Edition crops also available for a short time. These crops have various limited availability in the FarmVille Market, so you'll want to work on mastering them before they expire. Note, some of these crops require Farm Cash permits and the others are available with Farm Coins.

Here's the rundown on the current Limited Edition crops now available.

  • Rainbow Snowflake (Limited Edition NYE) – Farm Coins

  • Holiday Wreath (Limited Edition NYE) – Farm Coins

  • Gift (Limite Edition Carnival) – Farm Cash permit required

  • Fruitcake (Limited Edition Winter Holiday ) – Farm Cash permit required

  • Holiday Cookies (Limited Eidtion Winter Holiday) – Farm Coins

  • Poinsettia (Limited Edition Vintage Holiday) – Farm Coins

  • Green Peppermint (Limited Edition Vintage Holiday) – Farm Coins

  • Rainbow (Limited Edition Vintage Holiday) – Farm Coins

  • Yellow Rose (Limited Edition Vintage Holiday) – Farm Coins

  • Snowman (Limited Edition Winter Holiday) – Farm Coins

  • Snow Woman – Farm Coins (Expiring Soon!)

Manage Your Questing

FarmVille introduced a new feature this week, the FarmVille Quest Manager that allows farmers to manage their FarmVille quests and keep track of their progress easier than ever. This feature is on a slow roll out so if you don't have it yet, hold tight. If you have the update available on your farm, look for the Quest Manager icon, found on the left side of your in-game screen next to the usual quest icons.

The Quest Manager feature recaps all the current FarmVille quests in one handy place and also displays how much time is left to complete each timed quest. The active Timed Quests can be found at the top. All your progress has been saved before the release of the Quest Manager so need to worry about lost work.

The Quest Manger also introduces brand new Un-timed FarmVille quests! Un-timed quests do not have specific time constraints, which means that they can be completed at your leisure. They are actually old FarmVille quests that you can now re-visit at your own pace. They have the same quest rewards that were offered the first time around too. Suppose you have any extra free time in FarmVille, this is a great way to earn more free rewards and XP. There are several different quests to choose from and currently six Un-timed quest. These quests will become part of a permanent FarmVille catalog of Un-timed quests and more oldies-but-goodies quests could be added in the future.

It's been an exciting week in FarmVille for last-minute Holiday surprises! Remember, as you do your last minute shopping this weekend, don't forget to send some virtual Holiday Gifts to your FarmVille friends. There's only a few days left to send and receive Holiday Gifts (to fill your FarmVille Holiday Tree) before the big Z allows us to open them on December 24th, Christmas Eve night. For a sneak peek of what's expected to be inside the Holiday Gifts, click here.

Angela Morales created and manages FarmVille Freak, the largest FarmVille fan site, which provides news, tips and in-game updates for Zynga's Facebook farm game as it happens. She is also the co-author of FarmVille For Dummies book. Yes, it exists.