No Mayan Apocalypse: But There Are Career Lessons Anyway

Mayan Apocalypse go to work

In honor of the Mayan non-apocalypse, AOL Jobs decided to ask: If there was an actual, impending apocalypse, would you still go to work?

"No way" and a belly laugh is most people's likely reply, but AOL Jobs blogger Laura Vanderkam offered a twist on the question: Aren't we all facing an impending apocalypse? You know, mortality?

So the question isn't really would we go to work (we need foods, and clothes, and roofs, after all); it's are we approaching our work lives in the right way, given that our entire existence, on the cosmic scale, is the equivalent of one those flies that only lives for 30 minutes?

In our interview, Vanderkam talks about how to make your work life more meaningful, manage your time better, and be a better mortal in general. Watch the highlight reel or the full 20-minute video below.

Lunchtime Live: If An Apocalypse Hit, Would You Go To Work (Full Cut)

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