Game Insight celebrates Christmas with these five mobile updates


If you're a fan of many of Game Insight's popular iOS / Android / Facebook games, you might have noticed a theme among them over the past few days: they've all gone giddy with Christmas spirit! From the city streets of London in Mirrors of Albion to the tropical islands of The Tribez, Game Insight's Christmas updates offer something for everyone, and we're here with a roundup of what you can expect across the developer / publisher's games.

The Tribez

As players level up in the Tribez on iOS and Android, they'll unlock a variety of Christmas-themed goodies for purchase in the store. Additionally, a Yeti has come to the game, giving players the chance to build a Palace and a Hill for the Yeti, and even decorate a Christmas Tree. The reward for this event is a Magical Sphere that will speed up the building construction time of items by three times the normal rate for a limited time.

My Clinic

A variety of new items are available for purchase in My Clinic's Christmas event, including (but not limited to) a Snow Castle, Christmas Candy, Presents, Snowballs, Angels, Ornaments and Bells. Santa will also make an appearance in the game, and players that have reached at least Level 9 in their virtual hospitals will have access to a new special diagnosis for patients.

Enchanted Realm

New themed items are available in your fairytale region for Christmas, along with a series of themed quests that can be completed within a limited time frame. If players are able to complete these quests before they expire, they'll gain items like Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower and much more!

Airport City

Santa finds himself in quite a predicament in Airport City this holiday season, as he's lost his helpers, his sleigh and his gift bag full of presents! You'll need to help Santa get those items back again before he has to leave on his yearly flight around the world. Via this event, players will be able to deliver Santa's packages to Africa, South America, Eurasia and North America, and will be able to complete five new collections with the items they gather along the way.

Mirrors of Albion

Although the world within Mirrors of Albion is decorated for the holidays with snow covered streets and buildings, the themed quests don't kick off until players reach Level 8. After that point, they'll be able to work on unlocking a special scene within a Christmas Tree, kick off fireworks in the center of town, and complete limited edition quests that will only be available for a short time.

Unfortunately, none of these in-game events are permanent, so if you're interested in completing any of Game Insight's limited edition Christmas events and quests, make sure to pick up your favorite games on iOS or Android and play today!

Are you excited about these Christmas events in any of these iOS or Android games? Have you favorite mobile games also been updated for Christmas? Let us know in the comments!