CityVille 2 '12 Days of Presents' Part 5: Everything you need to know


We've moved onto a brand new section of quests in CityVille 2's "12 Days of Presents" event, with our next guide taking us through days 9 and 10. We're here with a guide to these quests and their requirements, which can be activated manually within the giant stack of presents you've likely already placed in your city.

Day 9: Where Snow Man Has Gone Before

  • Get 3 Long Scarves

  • Have 3 Top Hats

  • Place 2 Snowmen in your City

Rather than getting more difficult, these quests seem to be getting easier, but we're definitely not complaining. The Long Scarves are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors, while the Top Hats are earned via a general news item posted on your wall. You can likely earn these items in just a few hours, or even a few minutes if you have lots of active friends. As for the Snowmen, these are available to purchase in the store for 1,000 coins each. Finishing this downright easy quest will give you four XP, 140 coins and one "Blueprints" collectible item.

Day 10: Ice to Meet You

  • Click on 2 Snow Plows

  • Craft 3 Bags of Sand

  • Have 5 Pieces of Coal

You'll find the Snow Plows at random when collecting from Winter-themed homes in your city. If you want to increase your chances, you can purchase additional snowy homes in the store like the Winter Cottage, which costs just 550 coins to build. As for the Bags of Sand, these can be crafted inside the Manufacturing Plant that you likely have in your city. It's worth noting that while you can simply ask your friends of Bags of Sand under other circumstances, here, you're actually told to craft them, so we can't take the easy way out. Finally, the Pieces of Coal are earned by simply posting a general news item to your wall. When you finish this 10th quest in the 10 Days of Presents event, you'll receive four XP, 140 coins and two rolls of Wrapping Paper. Good luck finishing these two quests, and all of the others that have been released so far in CityVille 2!

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What do you think of these quests in the lengthy 12 Days of Presents event? Have you been able to complete the other eight quests that were released before these two? Sound off in the comments!