ChefVille 'More than Fish' Quests: Everything you need to know

As with the first Sushi Master event in ChefVille, which came with two separate quest series, so too has this second sushi-filled event been released with two new quests series to complete in our restaurants. The first is the timed "Make Your Own Luck" series, while the second is called "More than Fish." We're here with a guide to finishing these "More than Fish" quests, so let's get started!

Better Your Sushi

  • Upgrade the Sushi Master Station

  • Serve 2 Philadelphia Rolls

  • Collect from Rice Paddy Planters 5 Times

A single Rice Paddy Planter can be harvested once every 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the Sushi Master Station upgrade requires a ton of building materials to finish. You'll need seven Sashimi Statements, five Roll Requests and five Nigiri Notices, all of which can be earned through individual requests sent to your neighbors. You'll also need four Seaweed Sayings and four White Rice Wishes, which can both be earned through general news posts on your wall.

As with other appliance upgrades, you won't be able to access these items and send out more requests while the Sushi Master Station is cooking a dish, so make sure to ask for items before cooking something that takes a ton of time to finish. When you complete this quest, you'll receive two Mayonnaise, two Avocados and two Rapid Rosemary spices.

Blue Crab Blues

  • Buy and Finish a Blue Crap Trap

  • Earn 1 Mastery Star on Tiger Roll

  • Use Rapid Rosemary to Clear a Counter

To use a Rapid Rosemary, you'll need to click on a dish on one of your serving counters. The more servings the dish has remaining, the more coins you'll earn in the long run, since Rapid Rosemaries pay out twice the amount of coins that you'd earn normally. As for the Tiger Roll, this dish requires two Salmon, two Sushi Rolls and two Blue Crab to prepare. The dish takes just one hour to cook, and you'll need to cook it twice to earn the first Mastery Star.

This is set to be a pretty time consuming quest series, and we'll make sure to update this space as we learn about these More than Fish quests in ChefVille! Stay tuned!

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Have you already started working on your Sushi Master Station upgrade in ChefVille? What do you think of this second large sushi event in the game? Sound off in the comments!

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