7 Worst Bosses In 2012

worst bosses of 2012
worst bosses of 2012

Most working humans have experience with incompetent or fearsome or totally irrational bosses. Some of us, however, have bosses so heinous that lawyers get involved. America's Worst Bosses of 2012, by anonymous boss-rating website eBossWatch, catalogs what it sees as the country's 50 creepiest job-creators -- who have had been taken to court.

The top seven are listed below, and notably, all seven of the employees allegedly harassed are women, and all of the employers who allegedly harassed them are men (except for one, who was implicated because of comments made by her husband). The top finishers are selected and ranked by a panel of five workplace experts -- consultants, trainers, and authors -- from all the bosses named in workplace lawsuits in the last year. Check out the full list here.