The Most Depressing Christmas Gift Guide of the Year

Guns and bulletproof vests for children
Guns and bulletproof vests for children

Since a ban on assault weapons won't be under the tree this Christmas, a few companies -- notably Utah-based Amendment II -- are betting that parents will take their children's safety into their own hands. Derek Williams, Amendment II's director of sales and marketing, told Fox News that sales of the company's Ballistic Backpacks have gone up 500% since last week's shootings.

Even so, the company doesn't want to be seen as profiting from the tragedy: Its website points out that these products have been available for months and weren't offered in response to Sandy Hook. Noting that "we would love to be able to provide every child in the world with our technology [but] we simply don't have the budget to do that," Amendment II promises that "we can and will donate a portion of all our sales to the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy."

Here's a look at the products being marketed to keep kids safe.


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