My Little Pony's holly jolly update brings new ponies, quests, and snow

My Little Pony iOS Android holiday update
My Little Pony iOS Android holiday update

And new buildings ... and new decorations. The first major update to My Little Pony on iOS is here, and with it comes a host of new content, items and characters, For starters, three new ponies are now available to play with in Ponyville: Pip Squeak, Teacher's Pet and Bowling Pony have all arrived to the snow-blanketed (and hopefully bug-free) place for ponies.

Two new buildings to create are available this winter as well--players can get cozy in the Log Cabin and hook their ponies up with frozen treats in the Ice Cream Shop. Developer Gameloft also introduced five seasonal items for players to decorate their own versions of Ponyville with.

Last but most certainly not least is that 10 new Christmas-themed quests have been added to My Little Pony on iOS. However, these 10 jolly missions (and everything else in this update) are currently exclusive to iOS. Android players won't enjoy these features until Dec. 28 ... as in after Christmas. Hey, at least now we know which platform Santa prefers.

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