Draw Something Pro on iPad offers more space, more bombs and more

Draw Something Pro iPad
Draw Something Pro iPad

A lot more, actually. Zynga and OMGPOP (i.e. Zynga New York) have released a new paid version of Draw Something only for iPad players. Titled Draw Something Pro, this major upgrade grants players a multitude of features including more space for drawing on the larger screen, unlimited bombs and more for $2.99.

Oh, and it has no ads. If you're still a hardcore Draw Something player up for dropping the developer three bucks, you'll score access to all of the special words at no extra cost and unlimited guesses to keep your streaks alive. (You cheater, you.) Finally, paying iPad players will have access to 10 new colors exclusive to this version of Draw Something.

According to Zynga, switching to the Pro version of Draw Something is as simple as forking up the $2.99, downloading the app and signing using your existing account information. Everything will carry over upon login. At least as far as Facebook logins are concerned, Draw Something still has 2 million players. Given the season, that number could spike with the amount of new iOS gadgets under the trees come Dec. 25. Surely some of them will really, really like drawing.

Click here to download Draw Something Pro for $2.99 on iPad >

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