Celebrate Christmas in the palm of your hand via these three app updates


Christmas is arguably the biggest holiday of the year, so it makes perfect sense that mobile developers would update their most popular apps to celebrate the season with their players. We're here with a look at three such games and updates, giving you an idea of which games you should probably be playing this Christmas.

Jewel City

We first took a look at Jewel City on iPad back in September, and found that this gemstone-powered city-builder had a lot of shine mixed in with its fun jewel-sorting mini-game. To celebrate the Christmas season, Jewel City has been updated with snow covered grass and limited edition items like Nutcrackers, Christmas Trees, Gingerbread Houses and more. The latest game update has also released new land expansions so that players' cities can grow even bigger and brighter than before. Just make sure to download Jewel City (and its Christmas update) soon, as things will likely turn back green faster than we'd like.

Icon Pop Quiz

Alegrium's mobile trivia game released just last month, and while the game suffered from inconsistent spelling judgement and answer databases, those issues have been fixed with a recent game update. Christmas categories have also been released with this update, as players can now decipher images based on "Holiday Season" images like Rudolph, Nutcrackers and much more. Many of these images are incredibly easy to figure out, but it's still a fun and easy way to earn coins within the game while also getting into the spirit of Christmas.

Virtual City Playground

G5's mobile city-builder has been filled with the Christmas spirit, as every building in your town will now be covered in snow. On top of that, over 25 new decorations and buildings have been released in a holiday theme. Players can build a Winter Marketplace, and can also decorate buildings, bridges and more with wreaths and garlands. In addition, a series of Christmas or otherwise Winter-themed quests has also been released in the game for players to complete. You can check out some of the winter landscape items in the game's updated trailer above.

These three updates join many others that have already been launched on iOS and Android, including those in Tiny Tower, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, and countless other mobile games. As more games take on a new look and feel for the Christmas season, we'll make sure to let you know!

Have you found Christmas updates in any of your favorite mobile apps? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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