ChefVille Aftertaste: Christmas is here, but what about the New Year?


With the release of two new quests (The Granny Situation and Bounty Quests), a new cooking appliance and much more in ChefVille, we've we've got plenty to do in our games over the next 12 days, but why does none of it deal with the holiday that literally ends the year: New Year's Eve? Since the new Garlic Oven and the promotional Bounty Paper Towel quests have nothing to do with Christmas (instead, they return the game to "normal"), and since we've already seen more holiday recipes released in the game this afternoon, it looks like we simply won't have time to celebrate the New Year in our restaurants, and that's really too bad.

Why the disappointment? I suppose it's due to the many ideas that I had floating around in my own head for how Zynga could celebrate New Year's Eve in our games. Perhaps we'd have a champagne tower (or sparkling cider tower, for the kiddies) that would grow as we earned Mastery Stars. Or, perhaps we'd throw a large party with friends, including fun outfits for our avatars, noise-makers and confetti. Heck, maybe we'd even be able to build a mirrored ball that hangs from the ceiling and spins, the possibilities are endless.

It's not uncommon for players to have complaints about Facebook games, but in this particular circumstance, I actually had my hopes up for something fun concerning the New Year. Is a New Year's Eve event impossible? Most certainly not, but with at least four new quests being released in the game just today that have nothing to do with the end of the year, it's not looking very promising. Hopefully, if Zynga doesn't decide to release a full New Year's Eve event, we'll still see some themed content released in the store to send the year out with a bang. If that's the case, we'll make sure to let you know.

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Have you heard any rumblings about a New Year's Eve event in ChefVille? Would you be sad if the year ended without any sort of themed event on December 31 / January 1? Let us know in the comments!