ChefVille 'Make Your Own Luck' Quests: Everything you need to know


I hope you've already completed the Become the Master quests in ChefVille and have become pretty familiar with the Sushi Master Station, as a brand new set of quests has been released that will see you cooking more sushi, collecting more fish ingredients, and asking friends for more help than before. Three "Make Your Own Luck" quests will be available to complete for the next 10 days, and we're here with a look at these quests to get you started.

Lucky Fish

  • Ask for 10 Fortune Cats

  • Earn 3 Mastery Stars with Fatty Tuna Nigiri

  • Tend 8 Salmon Ponds at Neighbors' Restaurants

The Fortune Cats can be earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors for help. Obviously, you'd need to visit your friends to tend their Salmon Ponds, but in visiting them, you'll also earn Salt which can be used to cook the Fatty Tuna Nigiri. Each Fatty Tuna Nigiri requires one Tuna and two Sushi Rice to create, with Sushi Rice being available to craft on the Rinser using two Short Grain Rice, one Water and two Salt each.

Unfortunately, if you're like us and have been focusing on mastering other sushi dishes aside from this Fatty Tuna Nigiri, this first quest might be a bit challenging to complete (or at least time consuming). Still, the dish only takes six hours to cook, and with ten days to complete these quests in all, I suppose the situation could be a lot worse. You'll receive three Sushi Rolls and 15 XP for completing this quest.

Sushi Selection

  • Tend Chicken Coop / Egg Fridge 5 Times

  • Have 2 Master Stars for Philadelphia Roll

  • Serve California Roll 7 Times

Both the Philadelphia Roll and California Roll can be cooked on the Intermediate Level of the Sushi Master Station. The California Roll requires three Blue Crabs, one Sushi Roll and two Mayonnaise to create and the dish takes five minutes to prepare. As for the Philadelphia Roll, this dish requires four Salmon and two Sushi Rolls to prepare. It takes six hours, so your best bet is to cook that dish before you're about to leave the game for a long period of time, like when going to work or before bed. To earn the Blue Crab itself, you'll need to build the Blue Crab Trap in your restaurant. This ingredient stall requires three Crab Bait, six Crab Ropes and five Crabby Nets to build. These are earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent directly to your neighbors.

We'll make sure to update this space when we know more about these Make Your Own Luck quests, and this guide will continue to grow. Keep checking back with us for more!

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What do you think of these new sushi-themed quests in ChefVille? Did you already finish the two sets of Sushi quests that came before, or are you just now starting to cook sushi dishes in your restaurant? Let us know in the comments!