A Year of 'Inside Look': Our Favorite Episodes


If you take a look back at our year in video, you'll see that life here at AOL Real Estate is anything but ordinary. Thanks to our "Inside Look" series, our crew (pictured above) has had the opportunity to visit some of America's most unique and downright crazy homes. And judging from all your positive feedback, you guys have enjoyed the ride, too! Here's a look back at some of our favorite "Inside Look" episodes this year.

1. NYC's Steampunk Loft

When we got a look inside this apartment for sale in New York's trendy Chelsea neighborhood, our jaws literally dropped. There was a Technicolored, floating, 30-foot-long zeppelin hanging from the ceiling! And enough vintage nautical artifacts and retro-futuristic decor to make your head spin. We were sad to hear, five months later, that the zeppelin and steampunk decor had been removed to boost its marketability -- but we're happy we have this video to remind us of the craziness that once was.

AOL Real Estate's Inside Look: Steampunk Apartment
AOL Real Estate's Inside Look: Steampunk Apartment

2. The Hamptons' Shipping Container Home

There are those (extremely) rare days when you just can't wait to wake up and go to work. For us at AOL Real Estate, those are the days where work takes us to the Hamptons. Now, this particular Hamptons home was not your typical beachfront mega-mansion -- quite outside the box, actually. Well, inside the box, technically. ... You'll see what we mean in the video below.

Inside Look: The Beach Box
Inside Look: The Beach Box

3. The Home 'Built for Jesus'

For decades, this New York home was at the center of a juicy rumor that it was built for the second coming of Jesus. So of course we had to check it out for ourselves! Not only did we get to the bottom of that wacky rumor, we also got to spend some time in one of the most extravagant and opulent houses we've ever set foot in! Vatican-inspired floors, anyone?

Inside Look: Divine Intentions
Inside Look: Divine Intentions

4. President Obama's Former Apartment

Before President Obama called 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home, we heard his digs were a lot more down-to-earth, to say the least. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to check out his (very average, but still cool nonetheless) college apartment for ourselves, and even got the chance to chat to his college roommate, Phil Boerner!

5. Connecticut's Crazy Christmas House

In case you missed our last holiday-themed episode of "Inside Look," here it is: a home that boasts a Christmas lights display like nothing you've ever seen. We're talking 80,000 twinkling lights, 400 Christmas wreaths, 600 holiday dolls. ... It's Christmas on steroids!

Inside Look: Holiday House
Inside Look: Holiday House

On behalf of AOL Real Estate, we'd like to thank everyone for tuning in this year and for all your wonderful feedback! And we can't wait to bring you all another fun year of "Inside Look."

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