EA All Play sees 'fewer, bigger, better' mobile games in 2013 [Interview]

Real Racing 3Like pretty much every major publisher out there these days, Electronic Arts is more than bullish on mobile. But EA has taken its liking to smartphone and tablet games one step further with EA All Play, its new mobile-exclusive label. EA All Play SVP and GM Nick Earl tells us that the creation of EA All Play indicates an all-encompassing yet highly specific strategy for EA in 2013.
EA All Play Nick Earl
"Our strategy has been really one of fewer, bigger and better. So, it sounds like there's a lot of games there, but we've really boiled it down to the ones we think are really going to move the needle, dominate the top of the charts," Earl says. "[We're] just creating really strong, core gameplay experiences, and quality experiences are really what our focus is going to be this coming year and thereafter."

Those "lot of games" that EA thinks are going to move the needle include the previously teased mobile MMO adventure Ultima Forever (slated for mid-2013, we're told) and racing sim threequelReal Racing 3 (which was just pushed back to February 2013). Earl is also excited to reveal two major franchises that will get some Android love in 2013.

"Just out of All Play we've got 20 games coming out next year. Some that I'm personally excited about are taking a couple of very big, successful brands onto Android, and that's the Simpsons: Tapped Out and Bejeweled Blitz," Earl teases. "Those are both making their way to Android early in [2013]. We're very excited, because it's just such a huge install base who are interested in having those experiences on their devices. "

You could say that EA All Play is simply indicative of the publisher following a major trend. This is a sign of EA not just following a trend, but rather devoting itself to it and many of the sub trends therein. For instance, Earl tells us that EA has completed its transition to the free-to-play model "culturally, logistically and organizationally." But other trends that Earl has his eye on include Smart TV gaming through mobile, casual puzzle games, core-focused RPGs (even cross-platform) and, yes, casino games.

It seems that EA has just about all of its bases covered with All Play, a label we're told has its origins in the JamDat acquisition and the formation of EA Mobile. (Aside from those card battle games, though Earl claims he's looking closely at that sector as well.) But it's clear that the company doesn't just want to have its bases covered--it wants to make home runs on demand. The Simpsons Tapped Out AndroidThat's all well and good, but why the name "All Play?" It was the notion of play anywhere anytime, any sort of genre, on any mobile device," Earl tells us. "We thought [All Play] really encapsulated and represented what we we're trying to do, which is be the leader in digital device space, with mobile leading the way."

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