Pocket God on Facebook takes Mayan calendar to heart in update

Pocket God Facebook update
Pocket God Facebook update

Surely, you've already planned or been invited to an end-of-the-world party. But what are you going to do in the meantime? A heartwarming sessions of paying the fiery judgment forward should do the trick, and Pocket God on Facebook has just the thing. To ring in the apocalypse, developer Frima Studio has introduced an all-new update featuring the Mayan Crypt island.

Of course, with the creepy new island comes a slew of fresh and inventive ways to dispatch your loyal pygmy subjects. Across five new quests that will be available between now and Dec. 24, players will learn all-new approaches to ritual sacrifice, like raining fireballs, spike pits, in-ground buzz saws, enormous hammers, fire traps and more. (Vengeful gods like fire ... a lot.)
Your Pygmies are always in big trouble, but it's especially so in this update, what with the apocalyptic themes and all. In one helluva coincidence, developer Bolt Creative's Pocket God on mobile is celebrating 6 million paid downloads with its 47th and last major update. And whaddya know, it just so happens to revolve around the apocalypse. So, there you have it: Two ways to vicariously cope with the end of days. Just remember to get to shelter, OK? And Spam ... lots of Spam.

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