Madden School: Free Tips Tuesday Episode #4 -- Weak Slot Power O

Madden Cheats Tips
Madden Cheats Tips

The one defense you are guaranteed to encounter when playing in any online Madden 13 game is 2 man under. Novice players call it because it is extremely simple and veterans call it because it is very effective. In today's Free Tips Tuesday episode, we will show you a basic way of beating 2 man under defense.

Formation: Weak Slot

Play: PA Power O


  1. Block the fullback

  2. Motion the receiver on the far right to the left

  3. Hot route your square/X receiver to an extended out route

  4. Hot route your halfback to a flat route to the left


  1. Your first read is your X/A receiver on the corner route

  2. If he is covered, look to your square/X receiver on the extended out route Pro Tip: Block your fullback to the left and slide protect your offensive line to the right for better protection.

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