FarmVille Holiday Party Style: Everything you need to know


As part of the ongoing Christmas celebration in FarmVille, players can now ask their friends for help in completing the Holiday Party Style feature. This feature is like so many other "this or that" events that have taken place over the past few months, like the Shopping Personality offering that ended recently.

This Holiday Party Style event comes with 12 stages and questions to complete, with each stage being given two potential prizes. Players will need to ask their friends for votes via general news posts, and when one of the two prizes earns four votes, that prize will become available for free. Depending on the way your friends answer these questions, the final building will take on a different appearance, but of course, you can manipulate this feature right from the beginning by simply asking your friends to vote one way or the other.

We're here with a complete breakdown of the 24 potential prizes in this event, thanks to Zynga.

Stage 1: Caroling Cow or Jack Frost Cow

Stage 2: Holiday Baker Gnome or Whoopie Cushion

Stage 3: Jolly Snowman or Laughing Snowman

Stage 4: Giving Horse or Wrapped Horse

Stage 5: Ugly Sweater Bear or Party Bear

Stage 6: Christmas Toy Shop or Trickster Toy Shop

Stage 7: Tinsel Maple Tree or Coal Tree

Stage 8: Sugar Tree or Spice Tree

Stage 9: Quiet Toast Ducks or Countdown Crowd Critters

Stage 10: Candlelight Tree or Loud Noisemaker Tree

Stage 11: Bashful Bunny or Sly Rabbit

Stage 12: Host Pegacorn or Life of the Party Pegacorn

Each of these stages will unlock a few hours or days after the last, and while you can work on these stages at your own pace, you will need to complete them all shortly after Stage 12 unlocks, since the entire feature will end shortly thereafter. If you happen to finish all 12 stages and have time left over, you will be able to go back through and earn the other set of prizes, so keep that in mind as well. Good luck earning at least 12 of these items in FarmVille!

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Are you excited about the prizes in this Holiday Party Style event? Were you able to complete every stage in the similar events that came before this one? Let us know in the comments!