FarmVille 2 Snow Much Fun Crafting Recipes: Everything you need to know


As with any new item theme in FarmVille 2, this week's release of the Snow Much Fun theme also includes three new recipes that can be crafted inside your Crafting Kitchen. All three of these recipes deal with the crops and trees that are included in this Snow Much Fun event, even though one is a bit of a stretch. All three recipes will be available to craft for the next 25 days, and we're here with a guide to these recipes, letting you know if they're worth the investment in the long run.

The first recipe is the Hazelnut Roll Cake. A single Hazelnut Roll Cake requires three Flour and 12 Hazelnuts to craft, with Hazelnuts coming from the Hazel Tree in the store. This tree costs 12 Farm Bucks to purchase and produces Hazelnuts every 18 hours. If you don't wish to invest the real money on this tree, you can also visit your friends' farms in the hope that they purchased one instead. By tending these trees on your neighbors' farms, you have a slight chance of earning Hazelnuts for yourself, but that's definitely not guaranteed. As for the Flour, this item can be created using Wheat, and the three together are worth 270 coins. A single Hazelnut Roll Cake sells for 2,670 coins, so it's definitely worth making if you plan on buying a Hazel Tree either way. Is the recipe worth spending real money on this tree? That will be up to you.

The second recipe is much easier to make, as it requires you to simply plant the new free crop that's available in the store: Marshmallow. The Hot Chocolate recipe can be created using three Cocoa Powder and eight Marshmallows, with Marshmallows being ready to harvest after growing for four hours. Meanwhile, the Hot Cocoa can be earned by sending out requests directly to neighbors, so in the grand scheme of things, this ingredient is worthless. A single Hot Chocolate can be sold for 1,650 coins, so that's basically all profit, once you factor in how much it costs to plant Marshmallows in the first place (50 coins per square).

Finally, the third recipe is Frozen Apple Cider, which gives you a great use for all of those Apples you likely have in your inventory. A single glass requires six Snowflakes and 14 Apples to prepare. The Apples obviously come from Apple Trees, while the Snowflakes are earned from the Snowy Fir Tree that's also available to purchase for 12 Farm Bucks in the store. That makes this another "premium" recipe in the trio, that you might have difficulty crafting if you're not prepared to spend real money on the game. If you do ever come across enough Snowflakes to create this recipe, you can sell it for 1,810 coins.

Again, these recipes will only be available for the next 25 days, so if you do find yourself with an abundance of either Snowflakes or Hazelnuts, make sure to turn them into these recipes before they expire from the Crafting Kitchen and lessen your chance for virtual wealth. Stay tuned for more on FarmVille 2's massive Christmas event!

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What do you think of these themed crafting recipes in FarmVille 2? Will you purchase either of these limited edition trees just to craft these recipes, or will you just stick to the Hot Chocolate instead? Let us know in the comments!