FarmVille 2 Crafting Workshop: Everything you need to know


As FarmVille 2 continues to grow on Facebook and, many players might have grown restless with the same routine of planting crops and feeding animals. If that's the case, those same players will be pretty excited with the release of the Crafting Workshop, an entirely new element to gameplay. We're here with a guide to building and using this Crafting Workshop, thanks to Zynga.

The base of the Crafting Workshop can be placed the next time you log in. From there, this large structure requires eight Pressure Gauges, eight Drafting Papers, and eight Wood Planks in order to complete just the first portion of this Crafting Workshop. All three of these items are earned through individual requests sent directly to specific neighbors. After you've collected these, finish the overall Crafting Workshop by adding four friends as builders. These builders are also earned by sending requests to your friends for help.

Once the entire Crafting Workshop has been completed, players will find a variety of recipes available to them, depending on their level. Some recipes are level-locked, giving players something to shoot for as they continue to play the game, and the Workshop itself can take on two different looks, depending on the direction it faces on your farm. There are three different stations within the Crafting Workshop, each relating to the type of materials each recipe requires. For instance, the Workbench is used for Wood recipes, while the Loom handles Wool recipes. Finally, the Blacksmith's area can handle Metal recipes.

Crafting items works in a similar fashion to cooking in the Crafting Kitchen, as you'll need to collect or craft building materials that can be combined to form a final product. These items sell for coins, and are typically more valuable than the ingredients would be on their own. It's also definitely worth noting that the Crafting Workshop also requires Power to function, just like the Crafting Kitchen.

Again, the items that you create in the Crafting Workshop can be sold for coins, but you can also use decorative items as decorations on your farm. There's no doubt that new recipes and decorations will be revealed as Zynga continues to update the FarmVille 2 marketplace, so this Workshop is an investment piece for your future on the farm. When the spouse asks what you're doing on the computer for hours a night, just tell them you're investing.

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What do you think of this new Crafting Workshop in FarmVille 2? Will you save resources for use in the Crafting Workshop? Will you then sell those items, or use them to decorate your farm? Let us know in the comments!