ChefVille 'The Granny Situation' Quests: Everything you need to know


With the Winter Holiday Feast event now behind us in ChefVille, Zynga has quickly released something us for us to work on, as a new Garlic Oven is available for building in our restaurants. This Garlic Oven contains new dishes and mastery stars, and comes along with four quests called the "Granny Situation." We're here with a complete guide to finishing these quests, so let's get started!

Good Garlic!

  • Place and Build the Garlic Oven

  • Give 4 Roses to Customers

  • Cook with Garlic 6 Times

The Garlic Oven can be placed via this quest and unwrapped using three energy. From there, you'll need to collect four sets of items. You'll need three each of Garlic Garb, Garlic Crushers, Roast Ratings, and Bulb Babbles. Only the Bulb Babbles are earned through individual requests sent to neighbors, while the other three items can be earned by posting general requests to your news feed.

After you've finished the Garlic Oven, you'll have three recipes available for cooking, but you won't actually have to cook any of them until you finish this quest. Of course, two of these dishes would count for the "Cook with Garlic" task above, you're free to cook any other dish that may require Garlic in order to finish this quest. For instance, Beef Fondue takes just one

minute to cook, while something like Steak Florentine can be cooked in five minutes inside the Brick Oven. Once you finish this quest, you'll receive 10 XP, five Roasted Garlic and three Chickens.

Chicken and 40 Notes

  • Collect 5 Italian Music

  • Cook 5 Forty Clove Chickens

  • Give 8 Chef's Services with Forty Clove Chicken

The Italian Music can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed for help. While you're waiting for your friends to send them to you, you can work on cooking the Forty Clove Chicken, which requires four Garlic, one Chicken, and one Salt to prepare. A single serving takes just two minutes to cook, so time won't be an issue here. However, the amount of Garlic you'll need likely will. Remember, if you need extra Garlic, you can continually collect from your Garlic Stall without waiting in between, and you can also post a general news item asking your friends to send you Garlic on the side. For finishing this quest, you'll receive 25 coins, 15 XP and five more Roasted Garlic.

No Basta Pasta!

  • Upgrade Garlic Oven

  • Craft 4 Dough

  • Serve 4 Garlic Manicotti

You can start working on the upgrade immediately after you finish working on the Garlic Oven itself, and its upgrade requires four Roasting Pans, three Breath Fresheners and three Garlicky Gossip to complete. The Roasting Pans can be earned via a general news post on your wall, while the other two items must be earned by asking your friends to send them to you

specifically. As for the Garlic Manicotti, this dish can be prepared on the first level of the Garlic Oven using two Dough, two Garlic and four Mozzarella Cheese. A single serving takes 12 hours to complete, so make sure you've asked for all of the upgrade building parts before cooking it, since you won't be able to ask for items again until it's done. You'll receive 40 coins, 10 XP and three Olive Oil for finishing this quest.

Just Like Granny Makes

  • Ask for 8 Garlic Gift Baskets

  • Tend 5 Garlic Stalls in Neighbors' Restaurants

  • Earn 2 Mastery Stars for Italian Garlic Knots

The Garlic Gift Baskets can be earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors for help. Meanwhile, the Italian Garlic Knots can be prepared inside the Garlic Oven using one Garlic, two Dough and two Salt each. They take just five minutes to cook, and the first Mastery Star is earned after four servings.

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